Sunday, January 11, 2009


As I realize how little I have actually bothered to do to prepare (a mere 36 hours before I leave for Germany for five and a half months), I've decided to further my procrastination by setting up the blog promised to all before I leave.

So here it is. I'll be blogging here about my trip, at the request of many - and the outright demands of few. I don't have a ton of interest at the moment, other than I've gotten to spend a ton of time on phone holding and became very attached to the androgynous-yet-soothing Bank of America phone robot director. "The next available teller will answer my call," indeed.

I sincerely hope at least one reader figures this out on there own, but there is a reason for the somewhat absurd title of said blog. I feel like I need to go on record here as I really like preempting sure to be repetitive questions. The title comes from the only song, let alone 70s punk song, that I know of about Germany. There are probably more. But until then, enjoy Adam Ant's "Deutscher Girls."

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